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Saturday 30th November

Belgian Beer Festival


Our 3rd attempt at a Belgian Festival, and amazing as the previous two have been, well, this one's gonna be a whopper!

We're heading towards and beyond a choice of 90 Beautiful Belgies to smack your lips around.

We have some very special people coming across from Belgium to mingle and discuss as well as answer any questions you have concerning all things Belgium.

A special tasting, hosted by Thomas, all the way from Ypres, has already sold out, he will be discussing the important issue of how Belgian beer can age, with tastings of the same beer both young and old.


Also lurking around, will be the Godfather of Belgian Beer,

“Sir” Regnier De Muynck, no less. (Known to his friends as “The Monk”)

There is nothing that this man does not know that's worth knowing.

You wouldn't expect anything else from the man who owns, what is quite easily, the best bar in Belgium!


Alongside the beer there will be some traditional food being served

(inc' the fabulous Flemmish Stew) as well as some home grown favourites

such as burgers & hot dogs.


All kicks off at noon (food from 2pm) with the bar closing at 11pm.


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